Friday, 27 September 2013

Am I living The Blind Side???

Hola! It's finally happening folks...I'm finally able to have a basic conversation without my only response being "Sí" or "Claro"!!!

Much of the credit for this is due to the fact that yesterday I moved in with a family who have a 10 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, and they are awesome! I feel a lot like a lumbering introvert who sure, scores low on tests but has an extremely heightened sense of protective instincts, and with the help of an energetic and compassionate mother figure and a young extroverted counterpart, I'm finding my niche in a world that has all but written me off. Yes. I am Big Mike. Now obviously there are some differences between my life and that of Big Mike (where he's a prodigy of a left tackle, I am only left-handed), but the fact remains, I am finding myself more drawn to that classic storyline of a protagonist leaving behind everything they know and stepping into the unknown with no option but to trust. This leads me to my actual point: I am learning to trust God more than I have ever trusted anything in my life. It took an uprooting of my life and a situation where I couldn't possibly have had success alone, but it's happening and I am super excited for the next step. 

I am also fulfilling all of the year abroad stereotypes of making up traditions from your homeland, finding yourself, and ensuring that word gets around in Spain that Scotland is NOT a region of England. These people are amazing though, and I am starting to really understand the thinkers of history who have insisted that if everyone travelled, there would be more peace, both individually and corporately.

In conclusion, I totes heart Spain, God is still incredible, and here are some awesome things that have happened on my travels:

1. I found Irn Bru in El Corte Ingles, A Coruña. This in itself has ensured that I could go home tomorrow and still see my time as well-used.

2. Almost equally awesome, I was on a bus in an extremely rural part of Galicia, and we drove past a bus stop. I believe it was divine intervention that caused me to glance down at the wall of the bus stop, where I saw etched in English the lyrics to this song. Yes, the grafitti in the back arse of nowhere in Spain said "who wants to live FOREVER?" Twas just incredible.

3. The young girl whose family I'm living with is quickly becoming my best friend, and I don't care that she's 10.

4. For the first time in 20 years, I have my own room. Wow, maybe I am Big Mike...

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes you are all continuing to send my way.

Dios te bendiga,


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