Friday, 4 October 2013

Skeeters and Soundies

What's up yo? What is happening? What is the 411?? First, I must apologise to everyone who cares that I haven't yet been directly in contact, I am still in the process of getting the internet and so I only have small windows of time online right now. This is going to change in the next week or so, and hopefully that will mean I can skype etc. :) Also, due to a complaint from an unnamed source (it came in the mail and was written in letters cut out from a magazine) I have rejigged the settings on the blog, thus making it more reader friendly. So you're being whoever was bored enough to click on here.

Ok, on to the exciting stuff...I started work, and I know it's early days, but I really see the merit in this line of work. I'm the English Language Assistant in a high school, and in my first 2 days I have: explained the referendum situation to a class of students my age, used a bit of improv to run a class of 12 year olds whose teacher had a doctor appointment which I wasn't given a heads up about, and tapped into the far reaches of my memory to help (or mislead) a maths class. The students are all really interested in me and they apply themselves to learning English in a way that puts us to shame when compared to the huge amount of English speakers who see no need for anything but one language.

I am learning a whole lot about the job, the language and myself. For example, I discovered that mosquitoes must really like the smell of my blood. I have 23 bites and counting. This is not cool. What is cool is that I now recognise landmarks and can navigate around the area with some ease.

Since I've made lists a thing on this blog, here's some more things that are things:

1. I love the rain here. I don't know what our problem is but the rain in Scotland is just annoying. Here though, it laaaashes rain, like the drops are huge and it hammers down and I've taken to standing under a shelter outside when it rains, just to marvel at it. I can't quite explain the affect it has, but all I know is that every time it rains like that, I'm reminded of God's power.

2. I went back and bought all the Irn Bru they had. I planned on keeping it for special occasions/particularly bad bouts of homesickness, but to be honest I'm just working through them. It's like tasting Scotland when you can't be there. Magic.

3. I took a grown up step and bought myself a proper watch. It's full on analogue and everything.

4. Thanks to years of Sentry dramas, impromptu games, and a burning desire to make a joke at every turn, I have almost mastered the art of making things up on the spot. This comes in very handy when you have no idea what you're doing.

5. I am going to be attending Zumba classes. God help me.

Thank you all a million times over for your prayers and support, I really feel it through God's protection and overwhelming love.

Oh and if there's anything specific you want to hear about, drop me a note and I'll tell all or put it in the next blog! Cheers for reading!

Dios te bendiga,


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