Saturday, 9 November 2013

Independence and Irn Bru

Hi everyone, apologies for not blogging in a while! My life basically got super hectic in the past 2 weeks and I am only now catching my breath. It’s weird that it’s the busiest time for me so far and yet I find myself missing home more than ever. I always thought the homesickness would come when everything was calm, but I’ve experienced the opposite. I think it has a lot to do with my struggle over the past couple weeks between sitting back and stepping up. 

There’s a certain level of emotional torment that comes with leaving home for the first time, and it’s made even tougher when you throw in a foreign language and a lack of communication with your people at home. The struggle presents itself as a choice that I can’t hide from, can’t delay, and really can’t afford to get wrong. It comes down to this: I can either sit back and let the year happen, without putting in much effort but still getting to live here, or I can step up and be responsible and take a pro-active approach to my time here and try to get the most I can from it. My tendency towards laziness means I really want to do the first one. But instead, every day I try to turn to God and ask for the strength of mind and character that it takes to make the most of life. And every day He blesses me. 

Today someone asked me how I feel about the Independence Referendum stuff and as I was talking I realised how far outside of my normal existence I am right now. Everything down to the stinkin’ UHT milk is different. Then I remembered my constant. The one thing that has gone through everything by my side, at times as a crutch, the only thing stopping me from falling flat on my face and the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. God. Every day I thank Him for giving me parents who taught me how to hold myself and how to have a relationship with God, friends who support me through everything and who can understand me, and a more than comfortable life, I’m living in Spain flipsake! 

It may not be very concise or well written, but I knew I had to blog and all I could think about was how extremely grateful I am for life and its joys! Here’s some more fun stuff:

1. El Corte Ingles has discontinued the "energy drink" Irn Bru. I have not been this disappointed in the human race since Jedward got famous. I am working to resolve this matter.

2. I officially forgot the English translation for a Spanish word today and had to look it up.

3. The Galician Council have decided they're not going to pay an Erasmus Grant to outgoing students after this year. People here are heavy raj.

4. All da teachers in tha house say heyyyy: I'm experiencing teaching for the first time and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I've also been keeping up with "Educating Yorkshire" and this is adding to the experience.

Thank you thank you thank you. And for those of you in Glasgow, I booked my flights home for Christmas so holla holla I can't wait!!!!

Dios te bendiga,


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  1. Keep going Alien, it's an adventure! Glad you're feeling compelled to blog in the midst of it all. Rilke said "if one feels one could live without writing, then one shouldn’t write at all" - seems like you're finding out which kind you are.